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Google Photos Tips & Tricks

Google Photos is a free app that offers effortless, automatic photo back-up & enables you to delete all backed up photos with a single tap

Google Photos is an app that provides free photo back-up & lets you search your photos for people & objects. In addition you can share photos & albums with your friends through the app. The most popular feature is the ability to delete all backed up pictures from your phone with a single touch. Google Photos works on iPhones, Androids, and on your laptop and desktop.

  • Setting up Google Photos

    To set up Google Photos, download the app from your app store & sign in with your Google Account. Lastly, select your desired quality (we recommend high quality) & you’re good to go!

  • Storage low? How to delete backed up photos

    Open your Google Photos app & tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner Next, tap free up space & click delete. You’re all done! Now all of your backed up photos are deleted from your phone, and you can still view them on Google Photos!

So, what else can Google Photos do?



  • Search for locations and places:
    Search for your photos by location or specific objects. Take a trip to Montana recently? Search “Montana” to find your beautiful photos. Trying to find the best pictures of Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World? Go ahead, type it in, and Google will pull up all of your associated images.

  • Locate images using dates:
    In a web browser, you’ll find a sidebar timeline for your photo. You can also type in a specific date.

  • Search by emoji:
    Type in an emoji instead of text for your search term. Use the dog emoji to find dog images, a smiley face to see photos of people, and so on.

  • Label people (and your pets) by name:
    Look for the row of faces after clicking on the search bar and add a name by clicking on each face. This can help you search for family, friends, and pets later.

Editing and creating

  • See the original photo while you edit:
    Touch and hold on the image (or click the browser) to see the original photo while you play with filters in editing.

  • Make an animation:
    Click “Assistant” > “Animation,” then select 2-50 photos for Google to animate and all while barely lifting a finger! Tip: Action shots or a sequence of photos work best.

  • Create a slideshow:
    Select up to 50 photos or videos by choosing “Assistant” > “Movies” to create a slideshow video of your own. You can choose filters and add a soundtrack from Google’s collection of music. You can share your creation to social media with friends or even upload to Youtube.

  • Build a photo book:
    Some people prefer a book to hold in their hands and Google takes creating a photo album to the next level. Use your own images to build and order your own book!



  • Turn on in settings and link your photos to Google Drive: Create a “Google Photos” folder to access your images on My Drive.

  • Chromecast your photos: Click on the “cast” icon and you can cast your images to your TV.

    To maintain your privacy when sharing, Google Photos allows you to hide the location on shared photos.

Backing Up Your Physical Photos
Scan your old, physical photos with Google Photoscan by following the on-screen instructions and organizing them with Google Photos. You can download all your photos and store them inside or outside the Google Cloud by using Google Takeout. If you’d like to backup your photos from a computer, use Google’s Backup and Sync app for PC or Mac.

Remember to watch for Google Assistant notifications! Google will automatically created collages, auto-stylize your photos, and create photo albums. Like Facebook “Memories,” Google Photos may show you “Rediscover This Day” reminders, showing pictures and videos from the same date in the past.

You can also un-delete photos, move them into an archive, and more! Whether you’re a fan of Apple or Google, Google Photos can be downloaded on phone apps for both, making organizing, searching, and sharing your photos even easier.

By Rachel McLaughlin